Our tree services include:

Tree Removal

It may be necessary to remove an old/dead tree that has become a hazard. Tree removals are offered for dead trees threatening your property.

Tree thinning

The primary reasons for tree thinning services include removing dead branches, removing crowded or rubbing limbs and eliminating hazards while improving sunlight and air movement through the tree.

Tree pruning

Directional pruning allows us to train the tree to grow away from power lines by removing only the branches that come in contact with other objects. By selectively trimming the tree’s branches, we can retain much of the tree’s natural crown. Done properly, with and understanding of tree biology, pruning can maintain good tree health and structure. It can also enhance the beauty and economic value of your landscape.

Brush chipping and clean up

We can clean up brush piles on your property and remove fallen trees and limbs from wooded areas to enhance the appearance of your property.

Tree trimming

We offer tree trimming services for hard-to-reach areas so you don’t have to risk a climb up the ladder yourself. Overgrown trees or limbs near power lines pose a danger to unsuspecting children who could come in contact with the live line while climbing a tree. The shape, size and growth rate of trees affect how often they need to be trimmed. Generally we try to create 10 feet of clearance alongside and below.

Stump grinding

After your tree has been removed it will leave a stump in your lawn or on your property, depending on the size of the tree. We come in and grind the stump into the ground so you can enjoy a more uniform lawn appearance.

Storm damage clean-up

When a storm blows through and damages trees or lightning strikes limbs, its’ time to call us. We offer emergency tree service to remove any blown-over trees or broken off limbs. Falling trees and limbs can present a very real danger to motorists, pedestrians and your family.

Our service area includes:

  • Eldon
  • Sunrise Beach
  • Laurie
  • Lake Ozark
  • Osage Beach

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